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GBCM Fundamentals - ACBC Certification (Online)

GBCM Fundamentals Course

If you are interested in either (1) becoming certified in biblical counseling under ACBC, or (2) gaining competence in biblical counseling without necessarily desiring to pursue certification, then registering for the GBCM Fundamentals Course is something to consider.

As the title suggests, this course delivers biblical instruction that is foundational to biblical counseling doctrine and methodology that is basic to effective biblical counseling. Some people want to become certified, and others simply want the training and are not necessarily interested in the certification. Whichever is the case, satisfactory completion of this course will accomplish both. But for those who do want to pursue certification, GBCM will help shepherd you through the process.

 Here are a few helpful details about the course: 

  • It is self-paced.
  • The 30 lessons are not timed.
  • There are no deadlines.
  • Satisfactory completion fully satisfies the instructional portion of Phase 1 of ACBC's certification process. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the GBCM's Fundamental's Training (specific questions, details, distinctive features, etc.), please visit our website at: www.gbcounseling.org

Or you may also contact us by either email or phone as per below: 

email: [email protected]

phone: 757-641-5497

 If you would like to see what we will cover in the course, you can review the outline here:

Course Outline

What People Are Saying:

So much great material throughout.


“I would have been saved from much heartache if I had known of this information [earlier in life]. Thank you, Dr. DePriest, for your teachings. The wisdom I am receiving in this course is invaluable.”


“I'm really learning a lot with this course. I've wanted to utilize my faith in my counseling for a long time and this is really helping me learn exactly HOW to do that.”


The lesson on a theology of marriage based on Genesis 1-3 is the best I have received over the years.


[The lesson on a theology of marriage] was very much an eye-opening moment that I was able to share with my own counselor!

L. T.

“This is great stuff for our marriage … and as we apply new principles it gets better.”


"Awesome teaching! Thank you."


There was a lot of information in this section which also brought a lot of takeaways. One big takeaway for me was the quote, "counseling is the private side of preaching."


Simply seeing the first three chapters of Genesis as a foundation for marriage was a first for me. Very interesting and helpful information.


“Loved the definitions, they seem very informed and thought over. Many insights and truths gained from this lesson.”

Michael B.

God's counseling in Genesis 2 and 3. Powerful.


I really loved and appreciated all of the teaching in this lesson [on forgiveness].


This is the best explanation [of forgiveness] from Scripture I've heard.