No one goes through life without facing difficulties of various kinds. The causes or reasons behind such difficulties can often be complex. Whatever may be the case, more often than not, we need help navigating our way through them in a way that restores, heals, and promotes peace. A proper understanding and use of God’s Word applied to your specific situation will provide that kind of help. The counselors at GBCM are trained to come alongside you, listen well, and then apply those portions of God’s Word that are the most relevant to your situation. And when we say “apply,” we mean they will first show you how that portion of the Bible relates to your situation and then show you how and where you can make practical, daily-life changes that will become life-transforming. The reason we can say “life-transforming” is because there is a loving, caring God who stands behind this counsel who is personally interested in what is truly good for you. And he is passionate about it. And so are we. We would count it a great privilege to come alongside you and help you in whatever way we can. If you are interested in receiving help in this way, please complete the form below.
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