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Fundamentals Training
Online Training (Ongoing) 

In-Person Conference TBD

Basic Concepts (Section #1)

Core Relationships (Section #2)

Common Issues (Section #3)

ACBC Certification

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Theology Exam Course

February 8 & 15 2022 (Streaming)

Two Saturdays 9am – 12noon

Cost: $39

ACBC Certification


Counseling Exam Course

Fall 2022 (TBD)

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Specialization Course:

Reconciliation Counseling

February 2022 (Live & Streaming)

Dates & Location: TBD

ACBC specialization certification

Note: Would you like to host this event? Please contact us for more information. 



Wisdom in Times of Uncertainty

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Our Ministry

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GBCM Training Center

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Core Values of GBCM

What We Believe

What Is Biblical Counseling?

 A word from our Director


Endorsements and Testimonials

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Randy Patten, President, Team Focus Ministries, Indianapolis, IN; former Executive Director of ACBC

"Individuals and families in the Virginia Beach area looking for real answers to the problems of life and living have a wonderful resource available. At Grace Biblical Counseling Ministry you will find caring, compassionate counselors who will help you find hope and lasting change consistent with God's Word, the Bible. I am delighted that ACBC certified counselor, Roger DePriest is directing this ministry."

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Jim Berg, Professor of Biblical Counseling, Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC

"In a world where people who have difficulty facing the challenges of life are said to have "mental health issues," biblical counseling offers wisdom from the Creator Himself about how to face the trials of adversity, loss, injustice, uncertainty, vulnerability, relational tension, addiction, and temptation. Even when organic physical problems are part of the picture, biblical counseling offers God's good news of hope and direction for sufferers in this fallen world. If you are struggling with hurts, destructive habits, and hardships of life, Grace Biblical Counseling Ministry stands ready to assist you on your journey to greater soul stability and to a life of loving God and your neighbor more effectively."

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