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Wisdom in Times of Uncertainty

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Fundamentals Training
Online Training  (Ongoing)

In-Person Conference TBD

Basic Concepts (Section #1)

Core Relationships (Section #2)

Common Issues (Section #3)

ACBC Certification


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ACBC Theology Exam Course

February 8 & 15, 2022 (Streaming)

Two Saturdays: 9am – 12noon

Cost: $39

ACBC Certification


Counseling Exam Course

Fall, 2022 (TBD)


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Specialization Course:


Reconciliation Counseling

February 2022 (Live & Streaming)

Dates & Location TBD

ACBC specialization certification

Note: Would you like to host this event? Please contact us for more iinformation. 



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Wisdom in Times of Uncertainty


Featured Free Course

In this course we discuss how to reduce anxiety and live faithfully by leaning into Wisdom.

Fundamentals Course—A Modular Event

(ACBC Certification)

NOTE: Due to the COVID19 crisis—and after holding off as long as we could—we have decided to move everything to an online delivery. In other words, we are sad to say that we will not be offering a "live conference" for the Fundamentals course. But, we will offer the course in a 3-Part Modular Event (online). We will also schedule a Live Q&A for each of the three modules on the Monday following each event (Sep. 21 at 7pm, Oct. 19 at 7pm, and Nov. 9 at 7pm). 

Sign up for our 3-Part Modular Event. This program is the beginning of your ACBC certification. 

Each of these modules will be released on the Monday of the week of the conference with an opportunity for a Live Zoom Q&A on the following Monday (of each module). These Live Q&A sessions will provide the student an opportunity to better process the material by asking questions for clarification.

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